This is the perfect forum to develop habits that break down walls and build authentic foundations with other like-minded men!

Brendan L

MANonline has come together well. It's a privilege to be a part of men supporting men.

Rick H

I find MANonline to be a nice platform to listen to other men and help them solve their problems.

Brendan R

I'm really enjoying the group, and a big thank you to the men.

Ian R

I'm honoured and appreciative to be a part of this group and I can't put a dollar value to it.

Khang P

It's had me thinking about topics I wouldn't normally, such as the relationship with my dad.

Rick H

I get to learn from the life experience of the older guys.

Nick C

Challenging & confronting topics and willingness to share confidentially.

Vincent C

Hearing the bravery of sharing from other men has given me the courage to be more open myself .

Martin Z

Non-judgmental forum where I can openly express what I'm thinking and feeling.

Keith H

Getting to a safe space to share with like-minded men.

Goro G

Having an outlet and listening to other men's experiences.

Daniel D

The camaraderie and hearing from other men on how they tackle men's issues and sharing about my own perspectives.

Arun M

A group where there is trust and confidentiality is very empowering.

Ian R

MANonline has taught me that being a real man is not wrong and has allowed me to openly express myself in a manly way.

Frank T

Helped me through a difficult period when I was struggling.

Michael S

Provides personal insight and experiences and I feel more supported and less isolated.

Nick H

I have a feeling of solidarity and I've shared with no apprehension

Nick C

MANonline helped me realise even more the importance of my family & relationships

Ian K

Thinking collectively is so advantageous. We are all on our journey each so similar and over lapping

Tony J

MANonline made me think more about my life and what I want from it

Simon M

It’s good to know the challenges faced in life are not limited to me

Jay V

It is comforting to know that others also struggle to value themselves and feel they fit into groups well. It shows that I'm not the only one who feels that way

Ian R

I feel MANonline is a fantastic opportunity to spend time witnessing myself in the company of other men!

Mutasim S

I’m really looking forward to the next step and implementing my to-do list that I have developed!

Arun M

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