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“How can men positively contribute to their own mental health and well-being?” – James Grima

“I am committed to reducing the number of preventable deaths of men by raising awareness and positively contributing to men’s mental health and physical well-being!”  – James Grima

According to Lifeline, over 65,000 Australians make a suicide attempt each year. 75% of those who take their own life are male. 

Have you ever wondered how men get to this crisis point? How has suicide touched your life?

  • Suicide touched me in 2006. On the outside it seemed like I was living my dream. A successful career, married, kids, friends but on the inside I was in pain. I didn’t know how to talk about it! 
  • I had 3 suicide attempts in a desperate 6 week period. 

For some men, their crisis is slower and health related; an avoidable heart attack, stroke or diabetes.

Not every man ends up in crisis, although all men are met with their own challenges on the journey of life. No man escapes adversity.

If I had been able to meet with a group of men who were experiencing some of the same life challenges, it would have made a big difference to me.

From my own challenges, combined with extensive research, MANonline was conceived.

MANonline is network of online men’s groups. For men, by men, talking men’s stuff!

Member Testimonial

The camaraderie and hearing from other men on how they tackle men's issues and sharing about my own perspectives.

- Arun M5 Stars

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