What is the purpose of MANonline?

The purpose of MANonline is to empower you with the skills and self-awareness to support your personal growth journey.

What is the benefit of an online menís group over an in-person menís group?

The convenience plus lower cost and greater confidentiality with no geographical boundaries makes online men’s groups an unbeatable choice.

How much does it cost?

Pilot is session free. 2 months membership is free. After that, a 6 months' membership is $600.

What if Iím experiencing financial hardship?

Private funding exists to ensure no man misses out due to his financial situation.

When are the sessions held?

The sessions are held at the times you and your group agree upon.

Can I change groups?


Can I be in a group with friends?

Yes and MANonline is an opportunity to meet new friends too.

Do we ever meet in person?

Some social events, such as group dinners etc. are in person.

What age are the men?

The ages of the men vary. Many men are aged between 30 and 65.

Can I still attend if Iím receiving professional help?

If the health care professional you are seeing recommends you do. In most cases, MANonline would complement the other service.

Can my employer pay?

Yes. Under your employers EAP agreement there is provision. Contact us for more information and/or see our section under the EAP tab.

What if I canít afford it?

We have some private funding available. Please enquire further to discuss your specific circumstances.

What tech equipment do I need to get the most out of my sessions?

PC or Laptop is ideal. You can use your phone although we recommend PC or Laptop.

How do I prepare?

Come with an open mind. Minimise external distractions.

Can I attend from work?

Yes, although we recommend you are not multi-tasking to ensure you get maximum benefit.

Can I wear thongs?

Yes and if you have read this far down you should flip flop into attending a free pilot session. See you there… James :)


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