How it Works

How it Works

Attend a pilot session to discover what MANonline is all about. If you experience MANonline to be a good fit for you, and you a good fit for the other men, you will be invited to apply for a 2 month free trial.

In your free trial and as a member, you meet online twice a month for 90minutes. Each session has a man-centric theme and is run by an experienced facilitator and the same group of 6-8 men.

A membership fee applies after the trial period.

What to Expect

Once you register to attend a no obligation free pilot session, a skilled facilitator will contact you, welcome you and provide you a zoom link to attend a 90-minute MANonline session.

During your no obligation free pilot session, a skilled facilitator will expertly guide you so that you can share and be heard in a safe, non-judgemental, confidential and supportive space with other men.

Your skilled facilitator is with you every step of the way, to guide you to feel safe, valued and welcome in this online community of men.

Why structured & facilitated

Why structured & facilitated

Research shows that men prefer collaborative interventions involving action orientated problem solving. Men like structure, form and facilitation. MANonline has a structured framework and a series of parts. 

Each session is guided by a skilled facilitator and has: 

  • A man-centric theme
  • An opening share or ‘Check-In’ from each man
  • One man do a deep dive on a challenge or goal with the peer-support of the other men and a skilled facilitator
  • An expert insight that speaks to the theme of the session 
  • 1-on-1 breakout room time
  • A closing declaration or ‘Check-Out’ from each man 
  • An opportunity to socialize at the end of each session


MANonline curates micro-communities for every man who joins this network. Men might be grouped based on a number of commonalities including interests and/or life stage. For example:

  • Men who have recently separated
  • Men who are new to parenting
  • Men who are nearing retirement
  • Men who are facing a significant health challenge
  • Men with teenage kids
  • Men who like sailing, fishing, camping, books etc.
  • Men who have had a lived experience 
group of mates

On Boarding Steps

  1. Click on the ‘Attend a free pilot session’ button
  2. Attend a no-obligation free pilot session
  3. Experience a 2 month free trial
  4. Feel valued and welcome in this online community of men
  5. Determine the best-fit group for you
  6. Join as a member
  7. Receive support and guidance throughout your journey
Satisfaction Guarantee

My promise to you…

I'm confident you will love being a part of the MANonline community and your life will gain positive momentum as a result.

But in the unlikely event you don't feel the same way, that MANonline isn't the right fit for you, you can cancel your membership and receive a full refund.

Member Testimonial

I feel MANonline is a fantastic opportunity to spend time witnessing myself in the company of other men!

- Mutasim S5 Stars

Attend a FREE Pilot Session

Discover if being part of an online men’s group is right for you by attending a no obligation free pilot session. A skilled facilitator will welcome you and walk you through an online session start to finish.

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