Men's health research shows

Men's heath research shows

Research points to 5 key recommendations for Men’s Health & Wellbeing:

  1. Peer-Network – Men who belong to an online Men’s Group like MANonline report major improvements in their self-worth.
  2. Quality Questioning – Can help foster positive momentum and get you unstuck quickly.
  3. Mentoring Others – Can help you feel more purposeful by sharing your wisdom with others.
  4. Community Belonging – Being a part of a community contributes to your health and wellbeing, sense of belonging and resilience. 
  5. Learner Centred Experiences – Men like to learn by ‘doing’.

At MANonline, we have built a framework that incorporates recommendations and findings that contribute to men’s health & wellbeing. 

Member Testimonial

Thinking collectively is so advantageous. We are all on our journey each so similar and over lapping

- Tony J5 Stars

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